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Light Painting in Oban

11/12/2017 Light Painting
I travelled north toward the Highlands in an attempt to capture the northern lights. My journey led me to Oban – all through the previous week my northern lights app for Oban had been on Red Alert. But on the week i was there, i had the smallest window of opportunity for witnessing this spectacle – with only an Amber Alert one night. My phone started pinging and i went out to Ganavan; a small place about 30 minutes north of Oban where the light pollution is at a minimum – and set up my camera to wait. Unfortunately the cloud cover was solid. However – as I was coming back to the main road i came across a celtic Labyrinth made of stones on the beach. I managed to create some light paintings which i think have a nice effect.

The first image is a re-edit of the Raw image taken at night in Ganavan, near Oban. A flash was used to flood the foreground with light then I ran around the circle with my head torch on. It created a spectacular display of light colour and shade. The second image is a composite image of two raw photos combined into one blended together.

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