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“The Yorkshire Dales”

August 12, 2018 Uncategorized

I’ve been meaning to get out of Liverpool for a while. I have been busy with a lot of wedding photography though – And as the last couple of months has been the wedding season, a lot of photo editing tends to go along with this. However, I managed to get five days off and headed up to the Ribblesdale valley in the North Yorkshire Moors. I got off the train at Ribblehead station, after a 3-hour train journey.  I headed to the “Ribblehead viaduct” a short distance away from the station. I took a number of photos – but was slightly disappointed that the weather had turned considerably and that the Victorian viaduct was now covered in myst. I am though – quite pleased with the results that came from my first evening’s photography.

For my first night’s camp, I bivouacked on Low Sleight Rd, Carnforth, on the way to Ingleborough. This was a stone’s throw away from the Ribblehead viaduct. I made the bivvy – and then a fire and these guys arrived and wouldn’t leave – the smoke kept the flies away you see…. So I had to talk to them very kindly, as they were bullocks – and some had horns!

The next day I headed down to Ribblesdale-in-Horton to pick up some supplies. I then set off up Pen-y-ghent. Pen-y-ghent was enshrouded in Myst, and the closer to the summit the thicker the pea soup.

When I got to the top, the visibility was next to nothing, which was a shame considering the amazing views that can be had from there.

The Summit of Pen-y-ghent.
Taken with my Sony Xperia z5 mini at the top of Pen-y-ghent.

… The view coming down Pen-y-ghent, which was covered in mist.

Camped at the foot of Pen-y-ghent…..

Happy as Larry…..

The next morning I climbed Fountains fell and then down to Malham Tarn and onto Malham Cove, with its Limestone pavement.

View of the Yorkshire Dales from the approach to Malham Cove from the north. 

Malham Cove

The views of Malham Cove….


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